Boeing 737-800 ex-LN-RCY #273

Boeing 737-800 ex-LN-RCY #273

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Handcrafted original aircraft skin from a BOEING B737-800.


Among all 7061 airframes produced of the Boeing 737NG (Next Generation), more than 5000 are Boeing 737-800s. As the most produced 737 variant, the hasn’t been any 737-800 crash because of a design flaw. These machines are simply too reliable and too durable to be retired.

And that is why we are determined to recycle some skin from one of the very few retired -800 airframes. Lucky enough we have got the 767th Boeing 737NG produced, former SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) 737-800, LN-RCY.

Named “Eylime Vinking”, it flew her whole career for SAS. We found this short-lived 737 only days before her scrapping. But it was not too late to save a part of this beauty and make our very first tags of a Boeing 737-800. 

It once flew before and will keep on flying with you.


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Weight : around 0.03kg per tag

Size : (Hexagon) 52mm*60mm in square size

          (Rectangle) 95mm*30mm


Important to read before purchasing

Every tag has its own serial number; each of them is unique and special. They are distributed randomly, and you will get a different serial number rather than the tag listed.

Purchasing multicolour tags will come with a unique pattern as every tag has a special pattern, but the colour will be the same as you bought. Purchasing multicolour tags will be automatically agreed with the rule.

Aircraft skins are flown with the aircraft for years and parked in Boneyards before us handcrafting it to tag. Small scratches and paint drop are normal, hexagons and multicolour rectangles tags are not recommended to use as a keychain and all rectangles tags will come with a ring for daily use.

Please feel free to contact us for more details and your questions :)

Have a new day and enjoy your Airlinertags!



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