Statement about G-CIVY tags

Statement about G-CIVY tags

Dear fellow customers:

In January 2021, Airlinertags made a release of a total of 1,750 rectangle/hexagon tags with the aircraft skins of G-CIVY we purchased from St. Athan boneyard in Cardiff, UK.

Based on the fact that the boneyard only processes one 747 at a time, we did not doubt the authenticity that the materials were from G-CIVY seeing these photos (the work was carried out by our widely trusted partner).

However, by chance, we discovered that most of these materials were not from G-CIVY (except the two-toned red from the tail) but from G-CIVU (whose scrapping wasn't carried out until March 2021, which we can't understand why this mistake could have happened). With an extensive investigation of multiple details, we confirmed the mistake did happen. And now the boneyard is cooperating with us and conducting an investigation from their side.

Shocked by the discovery, we had no hesitation in deciding to stop selling the wrongly labelled tags. And start providing refunds to all G-CIVY tags EXCEPT TWO-TONED RED TAGS.

Here is the plan:

·We had a detailed record of number-color-shape information. The record will assist the refund procedures;

·We are unable to afford the expensive costs of returning the tags. Therefore, it only needs the tag disqualified and photo sent to with order # attached;

·The two ways to disqualify a tag:
Make a scratch on the paint of the front side. The scratch must be severe enough to prevent the tag from being collected, being used daily or being sold; Or, make a hole to laser engraved areas with at least 5mm of diameter. Please keep the number (XXXX/1750) undamaged for us to identify;

·We expect some of the customers prefer to keep the beautiful but wrongly labelled tags in that way, and we fully understand that. But to prevent any potential chaos in the second-hand market, we strongly recommend you to help us to make this right. Otherwise, we can not provide other compensations;

·For orders containing only wrongly labelled tags, the shipping will be refunded too; But for orders containing both wrongly labelled tags and right tags we will only refund the wrong tags;

·We still have some more materials from the real G-CIVY tail, all numbers used to label the wrong tags will be given up, and we will use other numbers for the real tags;

·The refund is available until 23:59 of 30th June 2021. We will notify every customer as soon as we can.

We hereby promise that Airlinertags will keep zero tolerance to such mistakes happening to our own brand. We genuinely accept all criticism from our valuable customers. And will set a higher standard for our work to make sure such mistake doesn't happen again.

For the result of the ongoing investigation of the boneyard, we will keep our customers updated. Thanks again for your supports and understandings!

Your Airlinertags team




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