Airbus A380-800 ex-B-6138
Airbus A380-800 ex-B-6138
Airbus A380-800 ex-B-6138
Airbus A380-800 ex-B-6138

Airbus A380-800 ex-B-6138

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Caution! This product is made of the composite of carbon fiber-reinforced polymers and honeycomb. Make sure to securely stored and sealed. Airlinertags is not responsible for any damage or injuries caused by the product after the product received.


As the world's largest commercial airliner, the Airbus A380 is a four-engined double-decked wide-body airliner designed and built by Airbus. It has a length of 72.72m (238ft7) and a wingspan of 79.75m (261in8). The MTOW of the A380 reaches a shocking 575 t (1,268,000 lb), and its typical capacity in a three-class configuration is 555 passengers. In early 2005, the A380 prototype F-WWOW rolled out at Toulouse, quickly becoming the focus spot of the whole world. The flying performance of the giant airliner was also proven excellent during the test flights.

China Southern Airline (CZ) placed an order of five A380s back in 2005. However, the different versions of software used by different designing countries led to a serious delay of deliveries. The overdue made it impossible for CZ to fly the A380 during the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, the Shanghai EXPO 2010 and the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games. It was in late 2011 when the first A380 for CZ arrived in China for delivery. Although the early operation faced the problem of low utilization ratio regardless of international or domestic flights, making it hard to profit, CZ put the A380s into the Beijing-Amsterdam route since June 2015 as a replacement of A330s, and used the A380s for Guangzhou-Sydney/Melbourne after the summer. The improvise on routes both internationally and domestically finally brought the profit to the A380 fleet.

The winter for the aviation industry came with the Covid-19 outbreak in late 2019. Four-engined airliners like the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A340/A380, facing the competition of twin-engined airliners like the Boeing 777/787 and the Airbus A330/A350, were having unprecedented pressure. Major airlines were putting those quad-jets in storage or even retiring them. The shutdown of the production also brought uncertainty for the future of the giant airliner. In 2022, the five A380 with an average age of 10 years were ferried to America one by one, long-term stored awaiting for scrapping. It was such a shame for all the aviation fans and the public that those five "fatties" were gone.

The CZ A380 B-6138 took its first flight on 12 Aug. 2011 and was delivered on 28 Feb. 2012. Carrying four RR Trent 970 engines, this "fatty" served with the cabin configuration of F8C70Y428. On 12 Oct. 2022, it completed its last commercial flight Sydney-Guangzhou, ending its short career of 10 years. On 2 Dec, this A380 was ferried Guangzhou-Victorville where it received clearance, later it finished its last landing at Mojave Air And Space Port nearby.

While the project of bringing the "fatties" back to China is ongoing, we came across and purchased the outer flap track fairing removed from the left wing of B-6138 during its operation. Since this part is made of the composite of carbon fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP) and honeycomb, we developed new technologies different from aluminum processing to bring you this special product.

Although the "fatties" are not home at this moment, this beautiful art piece will witness their return together with you!

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Size : (Hexagon) 52mm*60mm in square size (around 20mm thick for this A380)

          (Rectangle) 95mm*30mm

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