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Retired Aircraft Cuts

Airbus A330-300 ex-B-HLJ

Airbus A330-300 ex-B-HLJ

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Handcrafted original aircraft skin from an AIRBUS A330-300. 


The Airbus A330 is a medium to long-range wide-body twin-engine airliner produced by the Airbus Group. Its fuselage design is derived from the A300, while the cockpit and fly-by-wire control system are derived from the A320. The A330 and the four-engine Airbus A340 were developed simultaneously, sharing the majority of components such as fuselage, wings, except for the engines.

Originally aimed to compete directly with the Boeing 767 in the ETOPS market, Despite being born at the heyday of the Boeing 747-400, as well as the three-engine airliners like the DC-10, MD-11, and L-1011 in the 1990s, despite most of Airbus' focus on projects like the A320, A340, and A380, despite overshadowed by the larger Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 despite facing direct competition from the much more advanced Boeing 787, the A330 still surprised many by becoming the most delivered wide-body twin-engine aircraft in the world after over 30 years from its first flight, with its lower unit cost as well as its suitable range and payload.

On November 2, 1992, the world's first A330 prototype registered as F-WWKA completed its first flight of 5 hours and 15 minutes at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. The A330-300 airliner, with manufacturer serial number (MSN) 012*, was used for flight tests and airworthiness certification tests for the next four years, being powered by GE CF6-80E1A2 engines and later RR Trent 768 engines.

On October 18, 1996, this A330 equipped with Trent 772-60 engines was delivered to Cathay Pacific with the registration number VR-HLJ for commercial operations. With the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, the airliner was re-registered as B-HLJ, continuing to shuttle between Hong Kong and domestic cities like Beijing & Taipei, as well as international destinations such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, and Nagoya. The airliner was then transferred to Dragonair in 2013 and later to Cathay Dragon in 2016. And then it was 2020…

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic made a huge impact on the civil aviation industry. After a diligent service of 24 years, B-HLJ stepped to its final moment. On July 6, B-HLJ operated its last revenue flight, KA897 from Shanghai Pudong to Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok, marking the end of 26,893 commercial flights. On July 17, B-HLJ was ferried to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport for dismantling.

The Airlinertags team has always been dedicated to commemorating the most special aviation histories with tags/keychains. We have paid close attention to the dismantling process of the special airliner ever since its retirement. Eventually, we were able to obtain a batch of B-HLJ fuselage skins with the original Dragonair livery and produced 2000 tags for aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

Although the world's first A330 prototype did not return to its home in Toulouse for permanent display, it will live on as this tag in your hands, flying with you to the blue skies once again!

Note: The A330 and A340 share a common MSN set. Airbus had produced 11 A340 airliners prior to F-WWKA, making it MSN 012.

More information about Airlinertags

Weight : around 0.03kg per tag

Size : (Hexagon) 52mm*60mm in square size

          (Rectangle) 95mm*30mm

Important to read before purchasing

Unique Serial Numbers:
Each tag comes with its own distinct serial number, ensuring that every tag is special and unique. The serial numbers are assigned randomly, guaranteeing that you receive a different one with each purchase.

The photos provided serve as a reference for the product's design. Please note that the serial number you receive will not be identical to the one shown in the picture.

Multicolour Tags:
If you choose to purchase multicolour tags, each tag will feature a unique pattern by the location of the cuts are made. The variety in patterns adds an extra touch of individuality to your collection, with each tag being distinct.

The photos provided serve as a reference for the product's colour(s). Please note that the colour pattern you receive will not be identical to the one shown in the picture.

Aircraft Skin Origins:
Our aircraft skins have a rich history, having been flown with the aircraft for years before being parked in Boneyards, or during cargo conversions. We then handcraft these skins into tags. It's important to note that minor scratches and paint drops are normal due to their previous life.

Tag Usage Recommendations:
Hexagons and multicolour rectangle tags are not recommended for use as keychains. However, all rectangle tags come with a ring for daily use, providing convenience and durability.

Packaging Details:
Your package will include a cardboard piece alongside the tag. The hole and rings provided are designed to easily connect the two components, ensuring a secure and organized presentation.

Contact Us:
If you have any questions or need more details, feel free to contact us. We're here to assist you and provide the information you need.

Authenticity of Airlinertags

At Airlinertags, authenticity is at the core of our product offering. We source our materials directly from boneyards and aircraft maintenance facilities worldwide, obtaining genuine aircraft skins that have weathered the skies and witnessed the stories of countless journeys.

Each keyring we create is a testament to the rich history and unique character of these aircraft skins. Our meticulous handcrafting process ensures that every tag preserves the integrity and authenticity of the original material, bringing a piece of aviation history into your hands.

When you hold an Airlinertags keyring, you're not just carrying a functional accessory – you're holding a piece of the aviation legacy. The marks, scratches, and imperfections on the aircraft skins tell a story of their own, making each keyring a distinctive and genuine artifact.

Experience the authenticity of aviation with Airlinertags – where every keyring is a tangible connection to the skies and the journeys these aircraft have undertaken.

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Thank you for choosing Airlinertags – where we provide you the best aircraft history in the world!


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