Boeing 777-200 ex-G-ZZZA
Boeing 777-200 ex-G-ZZZA
Boeing 777-200 ex-G-ZZZA
Boeing 777-200 ex-G-ZZZA
Boeing 777-200 ex-G-ZZZA
Boeing 777-200 ex-G-ZZZA
Boeing 777-200 ex-G-ZZZA
Boeing 777-200 ex-G-ZZZA

Boeing 777-200 ex-G-ZZZA

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Handcrafted original aircraft skin from a BOEING B777-200.

The Boeing 777 is the world's largest and the most successful wide-body twinjet. Over 1,700 units have been delivered since 1995 and now it's time for the 777X age.

There were three engine options for the original 777-200 variant: Pratt & Whitney PW4000, Rolls-Royce Trent 800, or General Electric GE90. With the GE90 becoming the only engine option for 777-200LR, 777F, and 777-300ER, more than 70% of Boeing 777s are powered by GE90 engines.

Originally registered as N77779, Boeing 777 MSN 27105 took the world's 1st GE90-powered Boeing 777 flight on 2 Feb 1995. The airliner was then used in the GE90 test programme before being delivered as G-ZZZA on 20 May 1996. 

G-ZZZA was named "Sir Frank Whittle" during the Landor era in memory of the British aviation engineer who invented the jet engine. The airliner operated flights to North America and Middle Eastern destinations for 24 years and accumulated 100,254 hours and 20,557 cycles before retirement. G-ZZZA operated last commercial flight AUH-LHR on 19 Mar 2020. The airliner was then stored at Heathrow due to the global pandemic. On 20 Aug 2020, the 25-year-old airliner was ferried LHR-DGX for scrapping.
It is a shame that the world's 1st GE90-powered Boeing 777 had to be broken up. Once again, we have managed to save some fuselage skins from this airliner before it was utterly gone. The story of the legendary G-ZZZA will continue as Airlinertags, travelling again with you!

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Weight : around 0.03kg per tag

Size : (Hexagon) 52mm*60mm in square size

          (Rectangle) 95mm*30mm

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Aircraft skins are flown with the aircraft for years and parked in Boneyards before us handcrafting it to tag. Minor scratches and paint drop are normal, hexagons and multicolour rectangles tags are not recommended to use as a keychain, and all rectangles tags will come with a ring for daily use.

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