Airbus A319-100 ex-F-GRHG
Airbus A319-100 ex-F-GRHG
Airbus A319-100 ex-F-GRHG
Airbus A319-100 ex-F-GRHG
Airbus A319-100 ex-F-GRHG
Airbus A319-100 ex-F-GRHG
Airbus A319-100 ex-F-GRHG

Airbus A319-100 ex-F-GRHG

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Handcrafted original aircraft skin from an AIRBUS A319-100. 


The Airbus A319 is a shortened variant of the A320 family. With the same fuel capacity but fewer passengers and less payload, the Airbus A319 has the longest range among the A320 family.

Air France operates a large fleet of Airbus jets. F-GRHG the Airbus A319-111 MSN 1036 took its first flight on 10th Jun 1999,  and joined the fleet of Air France two weeks later as the 16th A319 of all 49. This A319 carried passengers to destinations across the European continent and served in Air France for over 20 years.

F-GRHG was grounded on 19th March 2020 due to the global pandemic. Sadly, one year of storage in Paris Orly, France (ORY) did not bring it back to the sky again. Instead the brand new Airbus A220 took the place of this good aircraft... This Airbus A319 never escaped from its destiny of retirement and eventually end up scrapped in St. Athan, United Kingdom (DGX) upon its ferry flight on 22nd July 2021.

Although F-GRHG is no longer serving in Air France, we are lucky to preserve the colourful Air France livery skins just a few days before the teardown. We are excited to welcome F-GRHG to our Airlinertags family, and also very happy that another colourful edition of Airlinertags is coming to your home as keychains/collectibles! Your chance to hold a piece of aviation history is here now!

More information on Airlinertags

Weight : around 0.03kg per tag

Size : (Hexagon) 52mm*60mm in square size

          (Rectangle) 95mm*30mm

Important to read before purchasing

Every tag has its unique serial number; each of them is unique and special. Tags are distributed randomly, and you will get a different serial number rather than the tag listed.

Purchasing multicolour tags will come with a unique pattern as every tag has a particular pattern, but the colour will be the same as what you bought. Purchasing multicoloured tags will be automatically agreed with the rule.

Aircraft skins are flown with the aircraft for years and parked in Boneyards before us handcrafting it to tag. Minor scratches and paint drop are normal, hexagons and multicolour rectangles tags are not recommended to use as a keychain, and all rectangles tags will come with a ring for daily use.

The whole package will include a cardboard alongside with the tag, relying on the hole and rings to connect them.

Please feel free to contact us for more details and your questions :)

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